Branding / Marketing

Bluehaven Pools

Client Bluehaven
Year 2019
Role Design and marketing

01. Concept

Every now and then we get a client that has a product that lends itself to stunning imagery. A pool is always a stunning feature to a home and Blue Haven is one of the longest running players in the game. The stunning work they do really made this project just a little bit easier

02. Web Design

The goal of the website is simple, get the user hooked on the dream of owning a pool. Heavy imagery was used to pull the user into the experience of actually being there in the pool, the kids playing, those hot summer days and the total lifestyle experience.

03.Diverse Marketing

Careful marketing strategy was key with Blue Haven. The client needed to reach as much of their target demographic as possible - we implemented a multi-channel approach with addaptive real-time advertising strategies to maximise results.